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Welcome to the Allium Festival.

  • Allium Festival
    5.16~6. 2
  • Introduction


2020. 05. 16(Sat) ~ 06. 02(Sun) [ 18 days ]
Introduced species
Allium, Dahlia, Lily and other varieties
Prospective audience

A romantic midsummer scene in which the flowers, the sea, and the sunset all come together in harmony!

For our visitors who may feel slightly wistful, we present you with a vast array of flowers.
Even after the Taean World Tulip Flower Festival 2019 has ended, a plentiful amount of blooming Allium awaits you. The Allium is a flower that is not yet widely known in Korea, but it will certainly attract many people with its lovely and unique characteristics as it blooms on the top of a long stalk with a round shape. The Allium Festival 2019 will fulfill all your expectations while presenting a festival full of