Korea Flower Park

Korea representative flower park

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Taean World Tulip Flower Festival 2019 : 04.13 – 05.12
Allium Festival 2019 : 05.13 – 06.02
Autumn Flower Festival 2019 : 09.27 – 10.27
KoreaFlowerPark Lighting Festival 2019 : all year round

‘Korea Flower Park’ with the Sea

The Korea Flower Park is a flower theme park where you have the chance to enjoy the beautiful glow of the setting sun of Taean. At the park, you can experience the Tulip Festival, the Allium Festival, as well as the welcoming Autumn Flower Festival that takes place in Autumn. From the moment the sunsets through to the fabulous Lighting Festival that opens at night with an array of lights, the Korea Flower Park that is open all year round will become a peaceful resting place for those who visit the park.